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Why do we do this important mahi? Why are we who we are?

Why are we impacted by this cause? Why are we triggered to be the change? Read our stories, #livedexperiences and coping strategies.


THANK YOU to our legends who are taking a brave step by sharing their LIVED EXPERIENCES, and #speakingup about how #Hear4U has supported them. 


Do you have a positive #Hear4U lived experience you’d like to share?

If so, we’d love to hear from you! Drop us an email at


My name is Brian Horwell

I am based here in sunny Gisborne and I am trying to break the stigma and raise awareness of men’s mental health...


My name is Krissy Mackintosh.

I am the creator, one of the co-founders, and general manager of the #Hear4U charity...

My name is Mathew Downie.

So I was 1st introduced into depression when I was 9 years old, my older brother was diagnosed with bi-polar...

Matt D.jpg

My name is Hamish Simpson.

I said I was done with social media, but this post is very much important to share as it’s my life, where it’s been, where it’s going...


My name is Tink.

Well hello, , you've probably seen me now at a Hear4u event...

rebecca greaves_edited.jpg

My name is Rebecca Greaves.

Rural communities are part of the fabric of our country. I believe...

My name is David Parker.

Why Me You Ask? Why, because of my experience with the mental health system

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