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Over the past four years, our doors have remained open, supporting one in ten individuals in the Te Tairāwhiti Region. Founded on the principle of coupling clinical pathways with holistic support through lived experience mentors, HEAR4U focuses on inclusivity, and providing a non-judgmental community for all those struggling to seek support.


Our pathways are designed to support whānau through their immediate and long-term needs in partnerships with service providers who operate with the same Mana, Wairua and approach. Our relationships with likeminded services are key to our success to enable a streamlined referral pathway for our community.

Our Why

Reducing our male suicide statistics within our region and New Zealand matters. As survivors, we understand that healing is not linear and there are many holistic and clinical components which support the wellbeing of our community, and whanau. We believe utilising our lived experiences and the implementation of Kaupapa can reduce mental health challenges and prevent suicide. 

The turning point came with Cyclone Gabrielle, a monumental challenge that tested the resilience of our community. 2023 was a groundbreaking year for HEAR4U as we emerged as a crucial player in the recovery efforts with most of our 2023 achievements revolving around community need following the affects of the Cyclone.

Advocacy Matters

We like to define our provision of services into three stands; 


Pure prevention events are the essence of the mahi at HEAR4U; it captures a range of events and connections within the community to bring people together increase awareness and break the stigma for men’s mental health. Pure prevention involves sharing stories of lived experiences, alongside clinical specialists involved in uplifting events that promote holistic wellbeing to prevent burnout, and breakdown. But most importantly prompt referral prior to suicidal thoughts. 


Early Intervention is intensive holistic support provided through and to many walks of life. The initial phase is the assessment with Krissy Mack herself, to unpack and uncover the needs of the individual. Once the needs are known a referral to a specialised service internally or externally will occur; this could include a counsellor, therapist, holistic healer, clinical services, 8-week wellness challenge alongside a lived experience mentor to support the healing journey. 


Post-vention is all about our healed whānau giving back. What we have found through the years, is the people who have been through a journey of healing. Post-vention is selfdriven act from those want to give back to the charity, to continue their healing and support others healing. Post-vention has included annual events such as Frocks of Friday, Men’s Golf Tournament, Volunteer Lived Experience Mentors, Bike for Life and numerous fundraisers through skydiving, bike trails, God Zone and Motu Trail events. The delivery of the above is driven by the team below who are committed to making a difference within the community for the men, and their whānau.

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