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To reduce male suicide statistics within our region and New Zealand, through mental health promotion, intervention and post-prevention practices.


"Sharing lived experiences, navigating pathways and uniting communities is the only way forward. In terms of mental health, ONE SIZE DOESN'T FIT ALL"



Due to the impacts of Cyclone Gabrielle, now more than ever, our region is experiencing a huge need for mental health support going forward. Individuals just want someone to hear them and let them vent and help them process what's happened in their lives. The constant economic challenges many face are creating widespread mental health hardships and services of this nature are scarce.


To date, these much-needed services have been funded by our community in Tairawhiti. Principally fundraising efforts are on a hand to mouth basis. This is the biggest constraint faced by Hear4U and caps delivery of what can be funded. Demand exists for greater levels of funding to enable more lives to be saved. The foundations of this charity are reliant on funding, sponsorship and community fundraisers.


So, from auctions to marathons you'll find us out in the community rallying support, all the time to raise money for now more than ever our community needs help.

Because of #Hear4U efforts, community fundraisers and sponsorship, our team produces events and projects which promote #mensmentalhealthawareness, #communitywellness & #suicideprevention. These platforms enable our community to share lived experiences and educate others on how to #speakup, understand #itsokaytonotbeokay and #RISEABOVE.


Our clients are provided with free mindfulness-based mentoring sessions, connections to holistic practices, clinical and non-clinical services.


We do have an on-site training counsellor, however in cases which are beyond our level of expertise, clients are highly encouraged to seek clinical assistance or support, from a qualified, mental health professional. Waiver forms are provided for each client which educate individuals about our limitations and for the protection of, our staff.

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