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Our community has been greatly impacted by Cyclone after Cyclone and post-Cyclone Gabrielle the demand for our advocacy service is dramatically increasing. The majority of our clients are based rurally and are desperately in need of connection, resources and wellbeing pathways to be able to deal with challenges both in the present and future.

As such we have established a Give A Little page for donations, all donations currently go to assisting those impacted by Cyclone Gabrielle and the aftermath. Donations can be made here:

Flood Relief Update:

23 February 2023

We are currently supporting our blokes the best way possible by:

1. Providing Awhi Parcels - Filled with food, first aid, clothing and blankets. We are personally delivering these and checking in.

2. Phone call, texts messages, and video chats - the power of connection.

3. Funding mentors, counsellors, and other mental health professionals to work alongside our lived experience-based team.

4. Pouring cups of endless coffees, and giving them a place to offload, cry, and recharge.

5. Transporting goods, donations, and volunteers throughout our region.

AND we are preparing for the future too. Many men are going to be battling for a long time yet. Systems are in place, and we need to fundraise to ensure we are able to keep our HEADQUARTERS and make it available for the wider community.



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