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Chair/Lived Experience Mentor

First and foremost, I am a mother of three beautiful children and the wife of an incredibly loving and supportive husband.  


I am a lover of people, good food and music. These three things are very important in my life, with people obviously being at the top. From a young age I travelled the world with my parents and experiencing so many cultures, languages and beautiful places has taught me how important these things are.  


I joined the Hear4U community in 2021 when I ran my first 21km at the Taupo Half Marathon. Since then, I have been an avid and active supporter, so much so, in February 2023 I joined Krissy and the other trustees as the Chair of the Trust. Being the Chair of this phenomenal Trust is an absolute honour and has also been very empowering for me. I am so passionate about the work Hear4U does in our community and to be able to support in this way is very fulfilling.  


I work as the Executive Advisor to our incredible Mayor here in Tairāwhiti. Our community is the largest focus of this job, so my love of people is put to good use. I feel very privileged to be able to work in this space and have learnt so much on my journey – because life is a journey!  I am also on the board of trustees at Te Wharau School. This is another way that I am able to give back to this amazing community that we are so lucky to be a part of. 

For me, Hear4U is a huge community of people who are here for each other. We say it's ok not to be ok, and we practice what we preach. I have bad days, and I tell someone when I do. I have no shame in this, and neither should you. We are all humans walking this thing called life together. 


Waiho i te toipoto, kaua i te toiroa - let us keep together, not far apart


I am always #Hear4U… 

Kiwi Bank Local Hero Medalist 2022, Tairawhiti Men of The Year Award Winner 2022, GDC Citizen’s Civic Award Winner 2022, Movember Foundation Hall of Fame 2020, Good Deed Winner, Eastland Wood Council 2021.


Krissy has years of social work study at Massey University & Lincoln University dating back to 2005 and is currently studying toward a Diploma in Positive Psychology and Wellbeing. 


She has witnessed and worked along hundreds of everyday blokes and their whanau throughout various #Hear4U events, programmes and mentoring sessions. Her charity was created prior to Covid and has endured the huge challenges of Cyclone Gabrielle and constant weather events. 

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Krissy Mackintosh

Creator/General Manager/Trustee/Lived Experience Mentor/Red Cross Psychological First Aider

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Trustee/Lived Experience Mentor/Justice of the Peace

To be asked to be a trustee of this charitable trust is an absolute honour.


I walked the #Hear4U half marathon in Taupo – on the challenge of my daughters  Michaela, Lulu and Samantha.


I am honoured because I have a second chance at life now (my daughter, Michaela has shared her/our story through the #Hear4u social media platforms.)


In a nutshell, you don’t know how much you are loved, until you are gone. As a Funeral Director I have done too many suicide funerals where the message is always the same – why didn’t they reach out?


For the family left behind, the pain and guilt they are left with (as in where have I gone wrong ) is so vast. Any work to help those in need is so valuable and worthwhile.

I have always made an effort to make myself available or lend an ear to friends, family or someone who I can see is not firing at 100%, I think the art of basic conversation is something that we all can work a bit harder on, that face to face connection, a phone call even just a smile to a stranger.


Kindness doesn't cost anything but it makes a huge difference, and we can all do it.


When my lovely friend Krissy first told me her initial idea for what is now Hear4u I was blown away. I've known Krissy for a long time, seen her struggle with her own battles and knew this was something that would help her heal, and in turn could help so many others in our community by starting to remove boundaries and that idea that it wasn't the done thing to talk about not being OK. 


I have lost friends to suicide, have friends who have lost Fathers, Brothers, Uncles etc, and each one was well before their time and left a lot of unanswered questions and heartache behind. So if my involvement in Hear4u can in any way help to create a safe space for someone to reach out then I am all about that.  


Not being OK all of the time is 100% OK, but the strength to speak up about it, to find the words is the hard part.  Thats why we started this community.  We are all in this together, and asking for help is not a weakness its a strength.  Its like that old saying 'A problem shared is a problem halved'  


I am, and we are always Hear4u.

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Trustee/Lived Experience Mentor

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Trustee/Lived Experience Mentor

I am the Mother of Toby Fraser. Toby left this world, age 21 years, by taking his life. 


The effort to recover from the loss of my son was overwhelming. Fortunately I had a wonderful, supportive husband and with our two other beautiful children, we guided each other through the trauma. We are a close knit family having travelled together and had lots of fun times over the years. I worked in the dental/orthodontic industry for 17 years loving my role as an orthodontist auxiliary, enjoying the people contact and watching patients blossom during their treatment.


These days I spend my time in a gentle environment managing our avocado orchard. I have pursued my interest in gardening and acknowledge its positive effects. By changing the way I live, at a slower pace, enables me to be more supportive to others both in our family and the wider community.


#HEAR4U is the group that has compelled me to find ways to encourage others to find happiness in life, having myself benefiting from their support. With the focus on men's wellbeing, I find my experience has enabled me to have a clearer understanding of those around me. I hope that I can be someone that can make a difference for others when they need it.


The  importance of group support is paramount and so as part of my journey I have become a trustee for #HEAR4U.


Chris Fraser  (Toby's Mum)

Kia Ora my name is Lianne Jenkins founder of Living with Balance. I work with Hear4U who are breaking down stigma, making it easier and more common to talk about our wellbeing. Their model sits well with my mission and vision.

Living With Balance Mission

Working alongside individuals and professionals as they navigate the change and uncertainty that everyday living brings.

I have a degree in Social Work and over 18 years’ experience working with whanau of all ages. Many years have been dedicated to working with individuals and whanau adapting to change and life experiences.

I offer a range of wellbeing strategies, counselling, advocacy and strengths-based practice to clients of all ages.

Living With Balance Vision

Imagine Tairāwhiti a community of resilient individuals, organisation's and workplaces who know and understand mental wellbeing.

I have beautiful studio spaces at both Living with Balance and at HEAR4U. We can also easily arrange a phone call zoom session.

Once again, we are dealing with the effects of another weather event and the wet conditions our region has been dealt with for the past several months. For many of us, these events have altered our day-to-day living.

Contact Krissy or I if you wish to know more about how we can support you through uncertainty.

When times are uncertain and things feel out of your control it’s important to reconnect with the people and places that lift you up. However, you may be feeling, it's a chance to take a moment to reflect and do something good for your wellbeing.

Think about contacting people and loved ones, The Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand have so many great resources, activities & stories. I love all the info they share.
Check them out here and set some whāinga/goals for the week ahead.

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Wellbeing Advocate/ Qualified Social Worker

Living With Balance – Founder

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Contracted to #Hear4U

My name is Andrea Bruce (Andie) I was a midwife in Gisborne for 17 years but now work from home and online to help people who are feeling stuck in persistent physical or emotional pain.


I come from a farming background (on every erosion-prone hill country) and my husband is in forestry and has been for 30 years. This background has given me an understanding of the struggles people in our district are going through at present. I


'm qualified in a variety of therapies but more importantly, I connect with my clients. Solution-based work is important to me - helping people to get out of their stuck place and access their inner resources. I'm pretty down to earth so don't expect fancy therapist lingo from me. It takes guts to reach out for help and sometimes, just having someone outside the family to talk things through with is enough. If you'd like a call with me, please, just ask.


There's no shame in asking for a hand. You help your mates, so it's OK for you to have a turn getting support.


Kia Kaha,


Hey, I’m Becs. I’m a Gizzy girl and the face behind HeartSpace. My passion lies with helping others and bringing out the best in people. I’ve spent over 20 years in the not-for-profit sector, the last 15 of those were with a global organisation that directly improves the health and well-being of children. I’m a certified Ayurveda & Yoga Health Coach and a practitioner of Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda (a lifestyle science).


My own healing journey drove me to take my health and wellbeing into my own hands, which led me to Ayurveda in 2014. After implementing the daily routine of Ayurveda and noticing the profound impact it had on my health, energy and happiness, I began coaching clients into these simple mind/body practices.

What I know to be true is that the quality and experience of life heavily depends on how we take care of our body – and “we don’t know what we don’t know.” I’m a lifetime student of holistic health and Eastern medicine. I bring this integrated knowledge to my clients, to empower them as individuals on a unique path of health and wellbeing.

I live at Wainui beach with my husband Phil and daughter, Naia.

To get to know me, or understand more about health coaching and how it may meet your requirements, you can book a free 20-min call here - I’d love to hear from you!

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Health Coach/ Yoga Teacher and Meditation Guide


Heart Space - Founder

Contracted to #Hear4U



Medical Practitioner

Contracted to #Hear4U

Kia Ora! I'm Amanda Roe, and I am a gigantic nerd when it comes to all things nature, including the human body & how it works. I'm medically trained, but the way I practice doesn't exactly follow the standard template of medical care. 


The way I practice is innovative, integrative, and individualised.

I grew up in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains in America and completed my undergraduate studies at James Madison University (Grad. 2000 Pre-Med, Biology and Research).  I then moved out west to Oregon to attend the oldest accredited Medical school for Naturopathic Studies, National University of Natural Medicine.

I completed my doctorate in medicine along with my certificate in midwifery while at NUNM (Grad. 2006).  I practiced integrative family medicine for 13 years before moving back to Gisborne to be with my husband’s whānau in 2020.

When you walk into my office, we focus on "What Matters to You", not "What's the Matter WITH you?" Let's look at what you've been through: all your concerns, health history and even labs.  What's working well in your body and what needs more support? In a relaxed, no-rush visit, we can uncover root causes for ongoing health issues. In a visit with me, you’ll leave knowing how the following areas are impacted and what you can be doing to improve them:

Sleep, Nutrition, Mood, Energy, Exercise, and Stress.


I've had my own mental & physical health challenges along the way, so I get it.  I'm a survivor, and I am who I am because of those hard times. Now, I stay resilient having figured out what makes me tick.  We'll find your resilience builders and get you on the track to feeling good again. 


Patterns emerge as you go through life, and you can influence those patterns for the better. Let the HEAR 4U team know when you're ready!  

My name is Brian Horwell, owner / operator of Primal Fitness, based in Gisborne NZ, I am also an advocate for better mental health. I have throughout my working life been involved in someway with mental health.


When I was completing my degree I worked on a project working with 11-19yr olds with mental and behavioural difficulties, acting as a mentor and fitness coach for a variety of youth. I have also worked on a pilot project with the NHS in the UK looking at the correlation between exercise prescription and medication usage, with a 99% success rate in decrease in medication once following a sustainable exercise programme.


Since moving to New Zealand I have worked at Stand Children's Village as a Residential social worker and a team leader, working with a variety of youth aged between 5 and 13yrs. Most recently I have been honoured to work alongside Krissy and the HEAR4U charity, engaging men and women in health, fitness and wellness programmes.


Since 2021 we have had over 200 participants through our doors for the HEAR4U 8-week Challenges, with rewarding results. To see triumph, strength and pride where doubt once sat is exactly what breaking the stigma is about for us at Primal Fitness.



Fitness, Wellbeing and Health Coach


Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Leisure management (Sport Development)

Contracted to #Hear4U




I am a mum of 3 beautiful children and have been through my own mental health challenges when I had my youngest child.


Going through this gave me a larger understanding of what others face and the challenges we face in the mental health sector. I am very energetic, some would say I’m ADHD, dedicated & have always had a passion for helping others, I had previously been a ECE teacher for 9 years before starting at #Hear4U.


#Hear4U values and Kaupapa align with my own personal values. There is no judgement when you walk through the door and we like to see the good in every situation. We all have our good and bad days but breaking the stigma around speaking up and knowing that it's ok to not be ok is what I love the best.

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