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Krissy Mackintosh

Director/ Project Manager

I am extremely passionate, and dedicated to creating better awareness, and breaking the stigma around men's mental health and suicide prevention, throughout New Zealand. 


I believe that #speakingup and embracing that #itisokaytonotbeokay sometimes, is the only way forward, and I have witnessed this through my work at #Hear4U. As a survivor of eating disorders, depression and suicide attempts, I am committed to sharing ways, and methods that have helped me on the road to recovery. 


The #Hear4U community is a safe, non-judgemental, and honest place for all those having a hard time. Our team is always endlessly working to help our men, and communities flourish, and become the best versions of themselves.


Your support is greatly appreciated.


Krissy @Hear4U




To be asked to be a trustee of this charitable trust is an absolute honour.


I walked the #Hear4U half marathon in Taupo – on the challenge of my daughters  Michaela, Lulu and Samantha.


I am honoured because I have a second chance at life now (my daughter, Michaela has shared her/our story through the #Hear4u social media platforms.)


In a nutshell, you don’t know how much you are loved, until you are gone. As a Funeral Director I have done too many suicide funerals where the message is always the same – why didn’t they reach out?


For the family left behind, the pain and guilt they are left with (as in where have I gone wrong ) is so vast. Any work to help those in need is so valuable and worthwhile.

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Key Advocate

I have always made an effort to make myself available or lend an ear to friends, family or someone who I can see is not firing at 100%, I think the art of basic conversation is something that we all can work a bit harder on, that face to face connection, a phone call even just a smile to a stranger.


Kindness doesn't cost anything but it makes a huge difference, and we can all do it.


When my lovely friend Krissy first told me her initial idea for what is now Hear4u I was blown away. I've known Krissy for a long time, seen her struggle with her own battles and knew this was something that would help her heal, and in turn could help so many others in our community by starting to remove boundaries and that idea that it wasn't the done thing to talk about not being OK. 


I have lost friends to suicide, have friends who have lost Fathers, Brothers, Uncles etc, and each one was well before their time and left a lot of unanswered questions and heartache behind. So if my involvement in Hear4u can in any way help to create a safe space for someone to reach out then I am all about that.  


Not being OK all of the time is 100% OK, but the strength to speak up about it, to find the words is the hard part.  Thats why we started this community.  We are all in this together, and asking for help is not a weakness its a strength.  Its like that old saying 'A problem shared is a problem halved'  


I am, and we are always Hear4u.



I am the Mother of Toby Fraser. Toby left this world at age 21yrs by taking his life. 


The effort to recover from the loss of my son was overwhelming. Fortunately I had a wonderful, supportive husband and with our two other beautiful children, we guided each other through the trauma. We are a close knit family having travelled together and had lots of fun times over the years. I worked in the dental/orthodontic industry for 17 years loving my role as an orthodontist auxiliary, enjoying the people contact and watching patients blossom during their treatment.


These days I spend my time in a gentle environment managing our avocado orchard. I have pursued my interest in gardening and acknowledge its positive effects. By changing the way I live, at a slower pace, enables me to be more supportive to others both in our family and the wider community.


#HEAR4U is the group that has compelled me to find ways to encourage others to find happiness in life, having myself benefiting from their support. With the focus on men's wellbeing, I find my experience has enabled me to have a clearer understanding of those around me. I hope that I can be someone that can make a difference for others when they need it.


The  importance of group support is paramount and so as part of my journey I have become a trustee for #HEAR4U.


Chris Fraser  

(Toby's Mum)

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