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Well hello, you've probably seen me now at a Hear4U event, hiding behind the camera, which absolutely brings me joy.


I have watched Hear4U do its thing over the years, and now to be a part of it, with my own confidence as a photographer, makes my photography have a story.

I have been a photographer, massage therapist, energy reader all my life, swapping between them as I wandered along. After 22 years of massage, it was time to fulfil the creative side, so along came a camera and the rest was history.

Speaking of history, well, life has been interesting to say the least and I can most probably relate to, or have been through most things life could throw at me.  At times, I actually thought I was cursed.


So this led me down the spiritual path (rabbit hole), a whole story in itself, in some ways it saved me because I gained strength from others, as my own being destroyed me in so many ways – I didn't have control of my own energy as such and always looked for outside influences to guide me.


It all came to a train crash when I left my partner, my house and then two weeks later my mum passed. The lessons were going to be next level and more to the story, left me fucked to say the least.


Again, I had some support and am forever grateful. I began my healing journey through a man in the USA, who I did work with over the phone and was given tools to start dealing with myself emotionally. It was the hardest thing I have ever done, but it changed my life forever. Because I did and still do the work, and use the tools, when I need to.


The path of healing is a lifelong work in progress, and I am always happy to help others if need be. I laugh now, nothing is too serious with me as you have probably figured out. I make my own way and plans and things hum along and that's when I know I am in my flow.

I hope from knowing me and my photography I can help in some small way, and provide images to help you see yourself making the progress you need.

Thanks for trusting in me Hear4U and all your supporters x

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