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My name is Rebecca Greaves. I'm a rural journalist/farmer/mother.

Rural communities are part of the fabric of our country. I believe that when rural New Zealand is strong, the whole country is strong. People are the foundation and cornerstone of everything – for
our rural communities to not just survive, but thrive, we need healthy people.

When we feel connected, valued and supported in our communities, we are able to show up, and to make a meaningful contribution.

I met Krissy and the team at Hear 4 U when I was doing the radio show, Rural Exchange. My co-host Hamish McKay had the balls to sign up to shear in the mammoth charity shearathon, Shear 4 U. I
was so proud of him for making that commitment, for showing up, and for getting it done. I rousied for him at this event. This was my first introduction to Hear 4 U.

Krissy is like a force of nature. She has an incredible energy about her and an unwavering passion for what she is doing. Straight away I could see she was someone who shared the same values as me.

It snowballed from there – let’s be honest, the woman is hard to say no to. As I came to understand more about Hear 4 U, the purpose and mission, I knew it was something I wanted to be part of.

Anyone who wants to help other people in such a selfless way, often at the expense of her own family and personal life, is someone who should be celebrated, in my book.

I have met so many wonderful human beings through Hear 4 U. I am constantly blown away by the commitment the entire team has, and how everyone buys into the vision. And they have so much FUN doing it.

Since then, I’ve been lucky enough to be part of the Taupo Half Marathon and also visit the team in Gisborne. Taking part in the Annihilation at Primal Fitness is something I won’t ever forget.

For me, it’s not a case of why, it’s a case of why not? If I can play a small part in supporting what Hear 4 U is doing, I will be happy. Someone once said to me, if we all do something small, it can add
up to a lot. I completely believe that.

An organisation like Hear 4 U is doing incredible work to keep our rural people happy, healthy and strong. I am proud to be part of the Hear 4 U family – you give me as much as I give you.

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