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Taupo Marathon 2021 & 2022

140+ individuals willingly registered to complete the Taupo Half Marathon in July 2021, the BIGGEST in New Zealand!! And we are doing it all over again in 2022 with already over 200+ entries. If you want to join us, visit our Facebook page to access our registration links.

Alongside a HUGE support team, #Hear4u t-shirt’s were proudly worn by those participating, and being watched by thousands of spectators.

The main aim of this team run was to advocate for “Speaking Up”, “Seeking HELP”, and to GET FIT! Our team also honoured a local LEGEND, Toby Fraser, and other men whom have tragically lost their lives to suicide.


Wow!!!!! An incredible day, such an enormous turnout by amazing people from all over Gisborne, and the country, most of whom have already locked in competing again next year ( booked and sorted!!)

We are eternally grateful to everyone who supported, ran and sponsored this event, and for all the epic photos and shout-outs please visit our #HEAR4U facebook page.

Competition, banter and MEMORIES! Thanks for representing guys Let’s do it all over again...2022 100% LEGENDS



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