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We Have Merch for Sale!

A shipment of #Hear4U GOLF TEES have arrived WAHOOOO!

These collared shirts are perfect for those that LOVE the sport and #BREAKINGTHESTIGMA. Please show your support, because #mensmentalhealthawareness and #suicideprevention MATTERS.

EVERY DOLLAR from these tees will go towards our new Headquarters which provides multiple healing pathways (holistically and clinically) for those requiring INSPIRATION, pure prevention SUPPORT, and community AROHA.

Golf Tee Purchase Details:

Cost: $50 each

Please email if you would like to purchase one or pop into 67 Awapuni road, 10am -1pm (Jess would love to help). Eftpos is available. We are able to post shirt, additional charges do apply.


Hear 4 U

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