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Rural People Matter

We are passionate about listening, engagement, and connecting with our rural blokes from a “grassroot level”. I learnt a very long time ago that “KIWI BLOKES like to do sh*t, before #speaking up about the hard stuff”. So hence our vast array of holistic pathways we have established. Men can talk – and they talk really well when provided the right space, and platform. This Spring, #HEAR4U is proud to showcase HOW we continue to supporting our rural #Hear4U whanau: 1. Alongside EIT, we are the facilitators and sponsors of the Mana Matawai 8 Week Challenges which are managed by Tess Shaw. Breaking down the barriers around loneliness, isolation, and mental health challenges through fitness, wellbeing, and mindfulness. 2. On the 30th of Sept, Primal Fitness and #Hear4U will host an Annihilation Day for over 50 participants and their whanau. Uniting rural and urban, sharing lived experiences, insight, and coping strategies. 3. We have THREE MOTU CHALLENGE teams fully registered and sponsored by #Hear4U. Bringing rural women and men together to offload, train, and AWHI each other through one of NZ’s biggest multisport events. PROMOTIONAL events help to advocate for our charity and region. 4. We are GOLD sponsors of the @GIZZYGULLYRUNNERS of 2024 too. It is important that rural whanau “take a break” to reset, collaborate, plan, and showcase their industry. Because it’s a very challenge time out there. 5. And we continue to facilitate #livedexperience mentoring, free counselling and therapy sessions. BECAUSE WE CARE! Hold tight, we have so much more planned for the following months! And our catchment covers many different industries… Always, @Hear4U


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