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Parliamentary Visit

We've been #speakingup for a very long time - and we've done the research through connecting, engaging, and listening to the voices of those impacted by #mensmentalhealth and suicide. For the first time in our history, members of parliament took time out of their busy schedules and listened to my incredible team of brave, strong, insightful, and motivated survivors. A selected view were invited to attend this evening - those who have moved mountains to ensure #Hear4U could endure some of our most challenging times. And those that have become our strongest #Hear4U leaders of change. Well done to Jo McLean, Mathew Downie, Buck Trafford, Brian Horwell, @AnnieCousins, @DavidParker, and @ChrisFraser. It wasn't an easy task to share your #LivedExperiences but in order to help someone else - sharing #itsokaytonotbeokay and #onesizedoesnotfitall is highly important. Thank you to Matt Doocey MP and Dana Kirkpatrick for East Coast for giving us this platform - because we are a small charity from very humble beginnings doing all we can to #RiseAboveChallenges, #riseabovecyclonegabrielle and #SupportHumanity. Always, Hear 4 U BIG SHOUT TO Tink Lockett Photography for capturing a very inspiring event xx. Thanks sis.


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