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Our new HQ is open!

On 23/02/2023, #Hear4U officially opened its NEW HEADQUARTERS.

THANK YOU to all those that have supported, sponsored, and enabled this DREAM to come true. Long-time investors, like-minded organisations, and industry advocates were invited to join this private event. #HUGEGRATITUDE!!! A very special moment for co-founders Joanna Higgins-Ware, and Renee Grant, who helped me to establish #Hear4U in 2019. Super proud of Jess Odwyer, PROJECT MANAGER, and she smashed it too.

A special taonga was gifted to a SPECIAL COMMUNITY organisation too, Tauawhi Mens Centre, because of the constant AWHI that has been shown towards #Hear4U. We are PROUD to announce that our GREAT Ian Kirkpatrick is now the official patron of the #Hear4U trust too. His wisdom, kindness, and dedication cannot be measured, THANK YOU KIRKY!

Every day, we continue to listen, learn, and engage with a GROWING NUMBER of local whanau who seek tailored or holistic support. Our team is committed to navigating HEALING pathways, and uplifting spirts through community events and projects.

We are ALL impacted by mental health challenges, whether it be personally or within our whanau, workplaces or beyond. Community HEALS community - celebrating the BEST in people, taking notice, and staying positive can-do wonders... and is LIVESAVING too.


Hear 4 U

(THANKS, Tink Lockett Photography ❤❤❤❤❤❤)


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