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Frocks on Friday (Gisborne, NZ)

Strong Wahine are everywhere!!

From our charity to all FROCKSTARS...

Thank you for uniting yesterday, many Tane continue to hide because of mental illness, whanau are hurting, and nobody should ever be alone in this community.

We can always do better, keep our Wahine STRONG, and LOVED. Keep the FROCK momentum moving... for all industries, cultures, and humanity.

This is HOW we #RiseAboveChallenges, #BreakTheDivides & @BreakTheStigma.

Our #livedexperiences MATTER.


Hear 4 U

Frocks on Friday (Gisborne NZ)

Read The Gisborne Herald article 'Sharing the joy of a good frock, on Fridays' by Rebecca Grunwell:


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