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Annhilation 400!!

We've TICKED OFF the BIG one...!!!

400, 400, 400, 400!!!!!

Since #Hear4U 8 Week Challenges began in 2021 - over 400+ individuals have successfully completed the Primal Fitness 10 Station Annihilation.

And now we have coaches at not only Primal Fitness Members group, but in Tiniroto, Matawai and the Gisborne District Council. The logistics behind organising these programs and events are MASSIVE - it's a TEAM EFFORT!

But the social impacts that this pathway has on Tairāwhiti, #speaksforitself.

Proud of our MAHI, KAUPAPA, and everything we achieve. (Photo drops coming soon).

Ka pai my whanau,

Sooooooooooo proud of you all!!!

EVERYONE nailed it today for #mentalhealthawareness, ##suicideprevention, and #frocksofriday.



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