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A Personal Share & Marathon Goal

As my holiday is almost over, reflecting on the events from 2023 has been quite surreal.

When this photo was taken.... I was holding a brave face. Our city was sinking and my charity too because of funding issues. Cyclone Gabrielle forced me into a leadership position that frightened the HELL out of me, it also revealed those who were loyal, supportive, and KIND.

Burnt out once,

Burnt out twice,

And by the third time... I decided to get stronger!

Until BURNT OUT happened again, and then I thought: "f*ck it sis, we got to become more educated, fitter, stronger, and robust" to endure this journey."

In the months that followed, we stopped counting how many hours we spent listening, mentoring, volunteering, and hugging those in need. But our team grew with demand, a new headquarters was constructed, qualifications gained, and despite the challenges - we survived with tremendous GRATITUDE. Thank you to our incredible sponsors, volunteers, whanau, and community . We are pumped about 2024.

WHAT NEXT???!!!!.....

Firstly... I'm sharing a personal goal!

This year, I will attempt to run 42km for our annual Taupo Half Marathon Project, handing over the MC duties ;-). Training is well underway... and I will run/walk 1km for "EVERY REASON WHY"... and #Hear4U WHANAU impacted by Cyclone Gabrielle.

Each week, reporting on the journey, and sharing the faces, stories, and AROHA of #Hear4U in a way we have never done before - alongside trainers, advocates, our children, and my EPIC husband.

Secondly... fundraising is ON the agenda. Not only will this mission keep me FIT, but it's also necessary to support our advocacy service too. Everything comes at a price - damn it ;-)

Thirdly... to all those that have lived, or continue to confront the "Black Dog", struggling with addiction, or been underestimated - may this project provide HOPE, FAITH, ENCOURAGEMENT, and a wee bit of entertainment. Because #suicideprevention matters.




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