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I said I was done with social media, but this post is very much important to share, as it’s my life, where it’s been and where it’s going. 


I’ve lived in sadness, depression and darkness for the last two years, masking my emotions with drugs, alcohol, weed – you name it, anything to escape the pain. It’s nearly killed me. If changes weren’t made, I know where I was heading.


I’ve been clean from all things above for 30 days and just completed an 8-week challenge created by @hear4u_krissymack and @primalfitness_og which has helped me beyond any words that could be said. I’m so grateful, these guys have no idea what they have truly done – they’ve saved me through this program – I’m forever grateful. I see light through the impending darkness I’ve been living in. No words can show my appreciation, I’m alive again, my mind is clear. I will now continue this path, by living again and learning to again. Also my many family and friends have had my back the entire time.


I was just numbed from self-medicating, in all the wrong ways, so I put this out there – if anyone is ever struggling, I’m here to talk.


I’ve learned through a lot in this life, the good, the bad and the darkest and would love to help anyone I could, through my own experiences. - Hamish

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